Large Format Screen Printing Near Me

Large Format Screen Printing Near Me

We’ve seen a large call for oversized screen printing in the past few months. If you search for large format screen printing near me, you’ll find no shortage of results. However, most of the results are dubious. Let me explain.  “Large” is a subjective term. If your nearest competitor can only print 12″ x 12″ and you can print 14″ x 16″, then by comparison, you are a large format screen printer.

By the same comparison, if the printer in the next town over can print 20″ x 16″ then that 14″ x 16″ doesn’t look so large. You can see where I’m going here. There are no industry standards that define what large format really is.

From our perspective the definitions can be very easily defined with clear descriptions of what can be printed where. Let’s break up screen printing sizes into these 3 simple categories:

3 Categories Of Screen Printing Sizes

#1. Standard Screen Printing

Standard screen printing is any type of screen printing where the image being printed fits on the shirt in areas ranging from 12″ up to 16″. The image does not get close to the edges, and is typically printed on the front or back of the t-shirt. Standard screen printing is what you see most of the time.

#2. Large Format Screen Printing

Large format screen printing is when the image covers most of the front of the shirt or back of the shirt. The print area ranges from 18″ up to 21″ but the print never crosses a seam, or goes off the edge of the shirt.

#3. All Over Screen Printing / Oversized Screen Printing

All over screen printing (AOP All Over Print) or Oversized Screen Printing, is when the image extends over seams, and goes off the edge of the shirt. This print can be front and back, and it covers the neck and sleeves of the t-shirt.

If you are an All Over Screen Printer, you are also a Large Format and Standard Screen Printer.

Most of the time that we hear from new potential clients is when they need something that goes off the edge of a shirt, wraps around a shirt or goes onto the sleeves of a shirt. If you are looking for large format screen printers near me, then please consider emailing us or calling (908) 806-8337.

Large Format Screen Printing Near Me


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