Belt Printing Shirts

Belt Printing Shirts

One of the screen printing technologies that has been around for over 20 years is the process of Belt Printing Shirts.  Traditional screen printing equipment looks like a wheel with spokes, garments are dressed on small tables that go around in a circle to different print heads which deposit one of the colors of a design, before the shirt is advanced to the next station for additional colors.  This continues until all colors are printed and the shirt is then removed and dried.

Belt printing shirts has a similar method, but the moving of the t-shirt is what is different. Instead of a circular machine that moves t-shirts on small tables to print heads, a belt printer is a straight line, and a large belt that moves t-shirts to stations, stops them, print heads come down and print, and then the shirt advances to the next station.

So what is the advantage to belt printing?

Great question!  The primary advantage is size of print.  Prior to new and light weight materials being developed, it was an arduous task to have massive tables that could hold an entire t-shirt flat for printing, a belt was much lighter and cheaper. Belt printers offered an all over t-shirt print area on a light and easily movable surface. Instead of heavy steel tables, a light weight rubber belt was used.

Until recently, this was how all over prints were done. With today’s composites and light weight yet sturdy materials, the moving table method has come back to lead the oversized printing of t-shirts.

Frequently Asked Belt Printing Questions

What are the limitations of belt printing?

No printing method offers unlimited possibilities, but the core limitations of belt printing is speed, registration of colors and number of colors of print.

What are the design restrictions for belt printing?

It is difficult to ensure that oversized print elements on the outer perimeters of the t-shirt are consistently printed. It is advised that any critical art be kept within the body of the t-shirt, and any of the elements near or on the edges or sleeves be considered ancillary artwork.

How big can you print with belt printing?

You can print all over the entire surface area of a t-shirt from sizes Small up to 2XL

What is your minimum order for belt printing?

Typically 144 pieces

How much does belt printing cost?

This depends on the number of t-shirts being printed, the number of colors in the design and some of the complexities of the art.

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