Oversized T Shirt Print

Oversized T Shirt Print

Everyone is looking for a unique and compelling t-shirt design, and that’s why oversized t shirt print companies have been very busy!  Typically when you want to get an oversized screen print on a t-shirt, you have to utilize a cut and sew procedure.

Cut and sew projects look great, fabric is printed when rolled or flat panels. Then, the fabric is sewn together.  The results are pretty much perfect. The problem with cut and sew t-shirt prints, is that very few companies in the United States do them, and it’s very expensive.

Most off shore resources will have high minimum orders, and you have to cross your fingers and hope that they get it right. When they don’t, you have very little recourse.

Another cheating option for oversized t shirt prints is to do dye sublimation on an existing t-shirt. When this technology became popular in 2016, everyone rushed to it. Unfortunately in a few short years, companies and customers started to realize the issues of the process. Today, dye sublimation on existing t-shirts is almost gone. Cut and sew dye sublimation exists in sporting goods and some high fashion applications, but not that much on everyday t-shirts.

AMBRO Manufacturing, our parent company, has invested in oversized t shirt print custom technology. This enables us to bridge the best of both cut and sew and dye sublimation, but using neither!

Our customized screen printing presses enable us to produce quality all over prints on cotton t-shirts, blends and polys. Our results look like cut and sew, and have non of the common flaws found in dye sublimation.

Our customers are generally stunned at what we can produce on an existing t-shirt. Since this method is unique to us, we’re never surprised when customers are surprised at what we can do for them.

We can offer you the value of fast turn around time, reasonable prices and high quality all over print results. Everything we do is done in-house here in New Jersey. You will not be working with a middle person, and we answer our phone. You can rest assured that your oversized screen printing project will look amazing.

Our oversized t shirt print technology enables us to offer lower minimum orders and produce high quality cut and sew results, but at modest pricing and fast turn-around times.

If you are interested in all over t-shirt printing, please consider giving us a call (908) 806-8337 or email us today.

Oversized T Shirt Print

Oversized T Shirt Print

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