Oversized Tshirt Print (NSFW)

Oversized Tshirt Print

Everyone loves an Oversized Tshirt Print.  A good number of calls that we receive each week are for projects that involve oversized screen printing. We offer the ability to print on the entire surface area of a T-Shirt from sizes Youth Small up to Adult XL.

Now, this doesn’t mean that we can accomplish everything that you can with a cut and sew project, but it has been said that we can get pretty close!

Most cut and sew projects involve dye sublimation on polyester, and some on digitally printed fabrics. They are costly, and take a lot of time to complete. In addition, most cut and sew projects involve steep minimum orders, and often, overseas work. It’s always challenging to find a trusted and reliable overseas partner.

Oversized Tshirt Printing can be considered a “hack” to cut and sew.  Let me explain …

Cut and sew t-shirt projects involve screen printing or digitally printing on fabric panels that are then sewn into the finished garment. Oversized T-Shirt printing skips that step and simply involved printing directly onto the t-shirt.

Most screen printers are limited to 14″, 16″ or 18″ of print, and while impressive, 18″ of print won’t cover an entire t-shirt. To cover an entire t-shirt you will need to look at 36″ to 38″ of print area, in both directions!

Our oversized screen printing technology allows us to print over 38″ in both directions. We can print this big in up to 8 colors. We use water based inks to maintain a soft feel and we print over seams and on sleeves.

If you are interested in an Oversized Tshirt Print project, please consider emailing us or giving us a call (908) 806-8337 today.

Oversized Tshirt Print

Oversized Tshirt Print

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