Oversized T Shirt Print

An Oversized T Shirt Print is a screen print for a t-shirt that extends off of the edges of the shirt. This is sometimes referred to as a jumbo screen print or an oversized screen print. Most screen printing companies have standard print sizes. These print sizes include 12″ x 19″, 14″ x 16″ and other sizes, all below 22″.

Here at OversizedScreenPrinting.com we have a print capabilities of 50″ x 50″ and 72″ x 16″

These print ranges give us the flexibility to print all over an entire t-shirt, in sizes Small up to XL.

Oversized Screen Printing Shirts

The only garment that we print oversized on is the T-Shirt.  Unfortunately hoodies, pants, jackets and other items are too big and bulky to lay flat enough to be printed properly. For oversized screen printing of t-shirts, we print the front first, and then flip the shirt and print the back.

As a result, all oversized t shirt prints have some flaws near the seams. It’s impossible to neatly line up a front and back design, however, the illusion of the match is clearly there and the shirts look amazing.

Cut and Sew vs. Oversized Screen Printing

The traditional method of printing a massive design on a shirt is to print the fabric first, and then cut and sew that fabric into a t-shirt. Using this method, it’s possible to completely flatten the fabric for a pristine print.

Unfortunately, custom cut and sew orders are time consuming, very expensive, done off shore and carry high minimums. This makes them out of reach for most startup brands.

Oversized printing is an imperfect solution that is generally acceptable when faced with the nuances of cut and sew orders.

Design Your Oversized Print with the Flaws in Mind

Since we know in advance that there will be imperfections near the seams of all oversized t-shirt prints, that gives us an opportunity before we start the job, to design around those flaws.

For example, if you know that there won’t be a perfect match, don’t design a horizontal band that is supposed to loop around the entire shirt. Instead, design a jagged line and make it part of the artistic design. This way, the flaws look like they are part of the art.

How to Order Oversized T-Shirt Prints

The nuances of oversized screen printing are challenging, the best approach to starting an oversized print order is to talk with us. Our team has worked on many projects all with different issues and concerns, our knowledge and experience is more than enough to help you understand how your project should be approached.

There is always a way to successfully complete an oversized screen print project, small tweaks and changes may need to be made, but the intent of your project should always be able to be accomplished.

If you are ready to talk to us about your oversized t-shirt printing order, please give us a call (908) 806-8337 or use our customer contact form.

Oversized T Shirt Print

Oversized T Shirt Print