Custom Sweatshirt Blankets In Bulk

Custom Sweatshirt Blankets In Bulk

AMBRO Manufacturing is an oversized screen printing company and we specialize in massive prints on blankets. If you are interested in Custom Sweatshirt Blankets In Bulk then you’ve landed in the right spot. Our stadium blankets are made from 50/50 fleece and are 50″ x 60″ with mitered corners and fully double hemmed edges. They are heavy weight fleece and will keep you warm in the cold weather.

We work with a lot of schools who are interested in getting their logo printed on custom stadium blankets. Your custom logo will be printed in a massive 30″ x 30″ design. Take a look at the included image and you’ll see in proportion how massive this logo is.

Our Custom Sweatshirt Blankets In Bulk program gives schools, companies and other organizations the option to get an impressively sized logo print on a high quality blanket. Our facility is located in Flemington, NJ and we offer quick turn around times.

If you’ve never ordered custom blankets before or you don’t have existing artwork, don’t worry. We have a staff of artists who can help guide you through the entire process, or we can just handle everything for you. We always provide proofs of our work before printing to ensure that your finished product exceeds your expectations.

Most of the blankets that we produce are 1 or 2 colors of print and we offer 16 different blanket colors. The most popular color blankets are black and sports grey.

If you are interested in custom stadium blankets with oversized logos, please consider giving us a call (908) 806-8337 or email us.

Custom Sweatshirt Blankets In Bulk

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